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  • Settings for the Software Capture for Apple Application

    Settings in the Software Capture for Apple application enable you to make selections specific to the application, including Autostart options, Hotkeys, and Screen Capture Settings. Several of the Settings on Software Capture for Apple can be changed or customized as desired.

    Accessing the Settings

    The Settings options can be accessed from the bar above the desktop on your Apple computer.

    1. Click on the Software Capture icon on the Menu Bar at the top of your screen.
    2. Choose Settings.

    You may also access Settings from the open Software Capture for Apple application, located in the upper right corner of the capture application.

    Altering General Settings

    The General Settings tab enables you to choose whether or not to autostart on startup.

    1. Select Yes or No. Choose Yes if you would like to be able to use automated start features from the Capture & Live Stream page.
    2. Choose whether or not to display the Mini-bar.
    3. Access saved Profiles for editing or deletion.
    4. Click Reset to restore default settings.
    5. Choose how long to keep uploaded recordings.
    6. Click Save.

    Using Hotkeys

    Hotkeys settings enable users to change the default Hotkeys used by the Platform.

    1. Choose the Hotkeys tab from Settings.
    2. Alter any Hotkeys if desired. To return to original Settings, click Default.
    3. Select Save.

    Adjusting Screen Capture Settings

    Screen Capture Settings may be adjusted to maximize recording quality.

    1. Select Screen Capture Settings.
    2. Adjust Frame Rate, Resolution, File Size and Video Quality as desired. For most users, there will be no need to adjust these Settings.
    3. Choose Save.

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