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  • Sharing a Document in Video Conferences

    Document Sharing provides the ability to upload a file, share it with all those attending a Video Conference, and to work with the file using Whiteboard tools. When finished, the file can be saved and downloaded as a PDF.

    Using Document Sharing

    Document Sharing incorporates a full range of Whiteboard tools and enables you to share a variety of different types of documents with those attending, including .DOC files, .PDF files and .PPT files.

    1. Choose Document Sharing from the Tools menu at the top of the screen. Drag-and-drop the file onto the Document Sharing pane or choose Select File, then Open. 
    2. Select the desired tool to add text or other edits to your Document Share.
    3. Continue working with your document as desired. You may write or draw on your Document Share using the Text, Shape and Free Draw tools, or can Zoom In and Zoom Out as needed.
    4. Navigate from page to page by pressing the left and right arrows available on your document.
    5. Save your Document Share by pressing the Save icon, represented by a disk, at the upper right of the pane. Your file will be saved as a PDF, regardless of the type of file uploaded.