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  • Sharing a Whiteboard in a Video Conference

    The Whiteboard is accessible in the Video Conference. The Whiteboard provides access to a wide range of tools that can be used independently or in conjunction with Document Sharing.

    Using the Whiteboard

    There are two different ways to use the Whiteboard tools; they can be used independently, or may be accessed by uploading a file using the Document Sharing option, available from the left-side menu. The tools are the same in both cases.

    1. Choose Whiteboard from the Tools menu at the top of the screen.
    2. Select the desired tool. You may do a variety of things with the Whiteboard tools, including use Free Draw tools, add Text, Erase, and add Circle or Rectangular Shapes.
    3. Continue working with the Whiteboard as desired. You may zoom in and out using the Zoom Slider bar at the top of the screen and use Pan by pressing the hand button next to the Zoom Slider.
    4. Navigate from page to page by pressing the left and right arrows on the Whiteboard.
    5. Save your Whiteboard by pressing the Save icon, represented by a disk, at the bottom right of the Whiteboard. The Whiteboard will export as a PDF file.