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  • Sharing your Screen in a Video Conference

    Screenshare allows you to share the content of your screen with participants in Video Conferences.

    Using Screensharing

    Screenshare is easily accessed from the Video Conferences screen. Screenshare tools are available to Presenters and Owners, but are not available to Limited Presenter and Attendee roles. Screenshare enables you to share a variety of content with Video Conference participants, including software demonstrations, web sites or other material.

    1. Choose Screenshare from the Tools menu at the top of the screen. Enable any required extensions to operate Screenshare. Follow all prompts on the screen; you may be asked to reload the Video Conference. These operations are only required on the first use of Screenshare, and are not necessary for all browsers.
    2. Click Start Sharing.
    3. Select the desired application or window on your computer to share in Screenshare. If you are running multiple displays, you may choose one display to share.
    4. Choose Stop Sharing to end the Screenshare.