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  • Silent Installation of the YuJa the Software Capture for PC Application

    A silent install is the installation of a software program that requires no user interaction. It is a convenient way to streamline the installation process of a desktop application. The following method may be used to silently install the Software Capture for PC application.

    Accessing the Software Capture Application

    Downloads of the Full Installer application are available through the My Account page.

    1. Click on your avatar image at the upper right of your screen. Choose My Account.
    2. Click on Full Installer and complete the file download process. Do not begin the installation process.


    Installing the YuJa Software Capture Silently

    Use the following steps to complete silent installation of the YuJa Software Capture.

    1. Navigate to the file on your computer, typically in the Downloads folder.
    2. Right click on the Software Capture application file. Choose Properties.
    3. Copy the file location from the Properties window by selecting the location and entering CTRL-C.
    4. Go to your computer’s Search field and enter cmd; this will open a Command Prompt.
    5. Right click on the Command Prompt application and choose Run as Administrator.
    6. On the first line of text where it reads C:\Windows\system32> type in: cd. Then copy the file location. Example: C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd C:\Users\Downloads.
    7. On the next line, after the user’s location, type in: YuJa-Software-Capture.exe /s /v”/qn”. This command essentially runs the installer without the installer UI. Example: CMD Prompt>YuJa-Software-Capture.exe /s /v”/qn” . Note: To install to a specific location, add the INSTALLDIR option. Example: CMD Prompt> YuJa-Software-Capture.exe /s /v”/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\install-location” This will install the Software Capture application on your destination computer.

    To deploy this on multiple machines, you will need to create a batch script with this command and deploy the batch script as per your normal upgrade and installation process.

    Optional – Registering the YuJa Software Capture through Silent Install

    For organizations that plan on using remote scheduling of the Software Capture application also have the option to subsequently Register the Software Capture application to each respective room/station while deploying out through Silent Install. Below are the steps to complete this process.

    1. Login as an IT Manager and access your Admin Panel.
    2. Once you have opened the Admin Panel, select the Devices menu.
    3. Within the Devices menu, find the Auto Registration button at the top of the page and click on it.
    4. Within the popup, download the configuration template and generate the Institution code.
    5. Ensure the configuration file is named “yss-reg.config” and the content of this file should format as shown.
    6. {canAutoRegistration : true, institutionCode : “Get Code from Admin Panel’s Device Tab”}
      Note: Any other file name or content format will not work.

    7. Copy the institution code from the same pop-up box in step 3 and replace the Get Code from the Devices tab with the institution code (see example below).
    8. {canAutoRegistration : true, institutionCode : “346d297b2e75aeb8”,}

    9. Save the configuration file and copy to <Software Installation Folder>/config folder. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\YuJa\YuJa Software Capture\config.
    10. Run the Software Capture application (make sure yuja-software-capture-service is also running).
    11. Once the auto configuration file is finished, the name will update to yss-reg.finished. This means the Software Capture application is registered.
    12. Go back to the Devices menu and you will see the auto-generated device with the same name as the user’s computer name.

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