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  • Network Settings and Configuration

    When setting up the Software Capture application, in most cases no modifications need to be made to an organization’s internal network. However, if you believe adjustments need to be made, this document is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the network requirements for the Software Capture application.

    Note: The Software Capture application does not require any incoming ports be opened.

    Outbound Server Access

    Instance Location Address
    United States MSG_SERVER: msg1.yuja.com
    SCS_SERVER: scs.yuja.com
    S3_ZONE: us-west-1, us-west-2, us-east-1, us-east-2
    LC_SERVER: lc1.yuja.com
    Canada MSG_SERVER: msg1-cz1.yuja.com
    SCS_SERVER: scs1-cz1.yuja.com
    S3_ZONE: ca-central-1
    LC_SERVER: lc1-cz1.yuja.com
    European Union MSG_SERVER: msg1-ez1.yuja.com
    SCS_SERVER: scs1-ez1.yuja.com
    S3_ZONE: eu-west-1
    LC_SERVER: lc1-ez1.yuja.com

    Outgoing to LC_SERVER:

    • All ports TCP and UDP

    Outgoing to AWS S3 Infrastructure

    • S3 Address – https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json
    • Search for “service”: “S3” add the following regions: S3_ZONE

    Other Outgoing Ports (Any IP address):

    • 12356 SCS_SERVER No Fixed IP Addresses – Cloud Activation
    • 443 s3 addresses, MSG_SERVER – https
    • 80 s3 addresses, MSG_SERVER – http
    • 1935 LC_SERVER – Streaming
    • 1936 LC_SERVER – Streaming

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