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  • Software Station Overview

    Capture & Live Stream offers a convenient way to access downloadable files for the YuJa Software Station and to access and start the Software Station. Registration is fully optional, but enables management of the Software Station through the Admin Panel’s Devices Tab.

    Accessing, Downloading and Installing the YuJa Software Station

    The Software Station is used for classroom-based recording with a registered installation of the Software Station. Registered installations can be accessed for auto-scheduling and device management by an administrator. Local installations are also accessible for personal use on a home or office PC. The workflow is the same for both situations.To access the file download, choose Capture and Live Stream

    • Choose Capture and Live Stream from the Main Menu.
    • Click on Download.
    • Double-click on the file to open the installer.
    • Complete the installation process by following all prompts on your screen.


    Starting a Software Capture

    Software Capture is designed to be used on both personal computers and classroom computers.

    • Select Start Software Capture from the Capture & Live Stream page.
    • Click Start. Allow the Platform to open the Software Station.
    • Review the Preview to check the webcam, screen captures and audio.
    • Click Start and begin recording.  When you are ready to stop recording, use the Minibar, for Windows, or Command-Shift-F for Mac.

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    This site is deprecated and no longer updated. Please visit our new support page at https://support.yuja.com.