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  • Starting an Ad-Hoc Live Stream on the Hardware Hub

    Administrators may begin an ad-hoc Live Stream using the Hardware Hub at any time. This is only accessible to Administrators, and is not available to Content Creators.

    Accessing the Hardware Hub

    All Hardware Hub management is completed through the Admin Panel’s Devices tab.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Choose the Devices tab.
    • Select the desired Hardware Hub from the Devices listing.


    Starting an Ad-Hoc Recording

    Administrators can start an ad-hoc recording session on any connected Device.

    • Click on the Device name to open the the available menu.
    • Choose the Start an Impromptu Recording option; it looks like a Play button.
    • Enter a Title and Description; select a Session Owner from the dropdown menu.
    • Change the Save Location if desired and select an optional Publish Location.
    • Select a Profile from the dropdown box.
    • Enter a Length in hours and minutes.
    • Click Start Session to begin your recording.


    Accessing the Permanent Linkage

    The Hardware Hub provides access to a permanent Live Stream URL or Permanent Linkage. Administrators may choose to generate a new Live Stream URL if desired.

    • Navigate to the desired Device.
    • Click on the Permanent Linkage icon.
    • Click Copy to Clipboard and paste the URL to access the Live Stream. 
    • Choose Re-generate Live Stream URL to create a new Live Stream URL.