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  • Storage Analytics

    Storage Analytics provide thorough information about Storage Usage and Number of Stored Objects at the organization or group level.

    Storage information is divided into several different content types.

    • Captures are Platform-created video content created with the Software Station or Hardware Hub.
    • Transcodes include both internally created content and uploaded content transformed to support multi-bitrate streaming playback.
    • Video Conferences consist of live recording of video meetings.
    • Media includes uploaded video content in the YuJa Cloud.
    • Other consists of all other types of uploaded or saved content.

    Reviewing Storage Analytics

    Storage Analytics provide information about overall storage or user-by-user storage of media in the Platform.

    1. Access Storage Analytics by going to Usage & Analytics from the Main Menu. Choose Storage from the left-side menu.
    2. Choose an individual user or All from the dropdown box. Click Get Report. You may also select a date in the past to review older Storage Analytics. Storage Analytics are displayed in six-month periods.
    3. Review Current Storage Usage and Current Stored Objects. Mouse over any of the Storage graphics for additional information. Current Storage Usage provides information about the types of content, as well as a month-by-month breakdown in terms of space used. Current Stored Objects provides a comparable breakdown on a file-by-file basis, rather than a total amount of storage.