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  • System Settings in Software Capture for PC

    System Settings in the Software Capture application control the Cache Folder and the Upload Folder. The Cache Folder provides temporary storage associated with the Software Capture application, while the Upload Folder contains recorded media kept for a designated period of time.

    Accessing System Settings

    System Settings require running Software Capture application as an Administrator on your PC. Accessing the System Settings requires several steps and can be done through Settings.

    1. Right click on the Software Capture icon in the System Tray. In order to Run as Admin, you must have no active capture sessions.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Choose the System Settings tab.
    4. Select Run as Admin and click through to provide permission to change settings.
    5. Log into the Software Capture application.
    6. Access the System Settings by again right clicking on the YuJa icon and choosing Settings.

    If desired, users may change the Cache or Upload Folder settings through System Settings by browsing to the desired Cache or Upload Folder.

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