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  • Tracking Video Analytics for Blackboard using Content Item Message

    Content Item Message is a protocol that enables LTI-based tools to pass back authentication information for, among other things, embedded videos. Within Blackboard, CIM can be used to embed content using a specified Blackboard-defined CIM workflow. Videos posted to Blackboard using the Blackboard CIM workflow will be able to track analytics (i.e. the YuJa user watching the video will be known as opposed to the viewer being marked as “Anonymous”).

    Implementation Notes

    Note: CIM for Blackboard was implemented in Blackboard Version Q4 2017. This means that your Blackboard Server must be running an equivalent or later version to be able to use CIM. The screenshots in these documents are of a Blackboard with version Q2 2018.

    Installing the CIM Tool

    To install the CIM Tool, you should have already registered YuJa as a Tool Provider. If you have not done so, you can see the documentation here.

    • Go to System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers. Click on the down arrow next to your YuJa LTI Tool Provider. Click Manage Placements. Click Create Placement.
    • Add fields as you wish, but under Type field, select Content-Item Message.

    Uploading Video with CIM

    After installing CIM, you can upload media using Content-Item Message. 

    • Click Content on the left sidebar. Click the Build Content tab. Select the YuJa Media Chooser.

    • Select a media file to post.

    • After you have clicked on a video, you will be redirected back to the course page where you can view and edit your content. Clicking on the link allows us to view the content.

    • Clicking on the link allows us to view the content.

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