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  • Tracking Video Analytics for D2L Brightspace using Content Item Message

    Content Item Message is a protocol that enables LTI-based tools to pass back authentication information for, among other things, embedded videos. Within D2L Brightspace, CIM can be used to embed content using a specified D2L Brightspace-defined CIM workflow. Videos posted to D2L Brightspace using the D2L Brightspace CIM workflow will be able to track analytics (i.e. the YuJa user watching the video will be known as opposed to the viewer being marked as “Anonymous”).

    Installing the CIM Tool

    The CIM tool is installed from within the D2L Brightspace LMS.

    • Go to Settings (the gear-shaped icon).
    • Select Manage Extensibility and click Register an App.
    • Under Trusted URL, enter your https://<YOUR_ZONE>.yuja.com/LMSEntry.jsp. Check I accept the Non-Commercial Developer Agreement, and then click Register Application.

    • You will be shown your Application ID and your Application Secret.

    • Go to the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform by going to https://<YOUR_ZONE>.yuja.com or, if you have YuJa as an External Learning Tool, using an LTI Link.
    • Navigate to the Admin Panel’s Integrations tab.
    • Choose Select an API to Configure, then select LMS via LTI. 
    • Go to Tool Configuration and input your Application ID and Secret from before.
    • Click Save.

    Adding CIM as a Remote Plugin

    CIM may be added to D2L Brightspace as Remote Plugin.

    • Choose Settings, represented by a gear-shaped icon.
    • Select Remote Plugins and click New Remote Plugin.
    • Choose the following settings.

    Plugin Type: QuickLink (CIM)
    Launch Point URL: https://<YOUR_ZONE>.yuja.com/LMSEntry.jsp
    Add Org Units: Choose the desired course.

    Adding Content to Announcements

    Content may be added to D2L Brightspace in the Announcements.

    • Go to Announcements and select New Announcement. Under Content, click the Quicklink button.

    • Select YuJa Media Chooser (or your chosen tool name). This will open the YuJa Media Chooser.

    • Check Do not ask me again for this application in the popup window asking if you would like to proceed.
    • Press Continue. The Media Chooser will open.

    • Choose a content item from the Media Chooser.

    • In this example, we have chosen Big Buck Bunny.

    • Click Publish. You will be redirected to the Announcements Page where you can see your new post. Clicking on your post will allow you to view the content.

    Note: If you already have the content you want to post in your Content area, you can include the content in an announcement post by using D2L’s Quicklink system, which allows you to link to objects within D2L. Simply go to New Announcement and choose the Quicklink button  labeled Content, and select the content you want to post.

    Adding Content to Courses

    Content may also be added directly to individual courses.

    • Go to your course homepage. Click the Content tab.
    • Choose the module you want to upload the content to. Then, click Existing Activities  and YuJa Media Chooser (or your chosen tool name).

    • Select a content item using the YuJa Media Chooser like before. Once you have clicked on a video, you will see the content added to the module.

    • Click on the video to view the content.