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  • Trimming the Middle of a Video

    Trimming the middle of your video in the Video Editor allows you to remove unwanted content from any point in the media.

    Accessing the Video Editor

    All Video Editor features are available for captured and uploaded media content.

    1.  Navigate to Manage Media. and select the desired media
    2. Mouse over the video.  Choose Edit in the upper right corner.

    Using the Cut Function

    Cut is represented by the scissors icon shown below the viewing pane and enables you to trim content from any point in the media. Use Trim Start and Trim End to remove beginning or end content.

    1. Click the Cut icon.
    2. Click and drag in the bar above the thumbnails to highlight the section of the video you wish to remove. When you Save the media, it will no longer be part of the edited file; however, your original media remains intact.
    3. Undo the Cut action by clicking Undo.

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