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  • Using Undo and Save in the Video Editor

    Finalize your video edits with the Undo and Save features in the Video Editor. YuJa’s Video Editor is non-destructive. Your original file remains intact, and your changes are saved in a new file.

    Accessing the Video Editor

    All Video Editor features are available through the Video Editor interface for uploaded and captured content.

    • Navigate to the Media Library from Upload & Manage at the top of the screen.
    • Select the desired video.
    • Mouse over the video. Choose Edit from the menu in the upper right of the thumbnail.

    Using Undo

    The Undo feature, accessible from the Undo button, allows you to undo one or multiple editing changes. If you are unhappy with a cut or trim, you can undo and redo the actions.

    • Click Undo one or multiple times to undo past operations in the Video Editor.

    Saving Your Edited File

    When you have completed all of your editing changes, click Save.

    • Click the Save button. Your file will be saved under a new name and can be accessed from the Media Library.