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  • Uploading a User Roster

    Institutions who opt for SSO integration rather than LMS integration may upload their user rosters directly to the Platform to create user accounts for each user, including IT Managers, Content Owners, and Users. The newly created users will be linked to the SSO integration used by your institution, so that when the user logs into the Platform via the SSO for the first time, the account will be present and accessible.

    Formatting the .CSV File

    There are a total of 6 columns that can be used in the .csv file. Two of the columns are required,  the Institution Username and Email, while the rest are optional. Keep the following in mind when constructing the .csv file:

      Column Required? Description
      Institution Username Required The username of the account used by the institution
      Email Required The email address associated with the user
      Firstname Optional.
      Default value: <institution username>
      The user’s first (given) name
      Lastname Optional.
      Default value: “NA”
      The user’s last (family) name
      Role Optional.
      Default value: “Student”
      The user’s role (job title).
      This entry can only be one of three values:
      IT Manager
      Secondary Identifier Optional.
      Default value: “Null”
      This is the unique identifier used by the institution when performing dual integration with LTI
    1. Arrange the columns in the .CSV file in the specified order: Institution Username, Email, Firstname, Lastname, Role, Secondary Identifier.
    2. Leave entries that are not relevant for your use blank. Do not modify or delete any columns.
    3. Enter the appropriate values in the proper order and structure. There is no need to label columns.
    4. Save your file as a .csv.

    A sample .csv file is available through the Upload Roster interface in the Admin Panel.

    Creating the Users

    Once you’ve created the required .csv file, you can upload the file to the Platform and create the user roster for your institution.

    1. Navigate to your institution’s Platform domain.
    2. Login as an IT Manager.
    3. Go to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu. Select Roster from the left sidebar.
    4. Click the Upload Roster button.
    5. Click Choose File, and select your valid .csv file containing the necessary user information.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Verify that the information obtained from the .csv is correct, then click Create Users. Depending on how many users are included in the .csv file, the creation process may take a few moments. When all users have been created, a confirmation popup will appear indicating the success of creating the new users.

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