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  • Uploading Adobe Presenter Content

    Adobe Presenter media content may be uploaded to Manage Media, then published and managed like other media content.

    Publishing in Adobe Presenter

    The first step is simply to Publish your content in Adobe Presenter.

    1. Complete your presentation using Adobe Presenter.
    2. Click Publish.
    3. Select SWF or HTML5 format.
    4. Choose Zip Package under Export Options. Your file will be saved as a .zip file.

    Renaming the File

    To upload your Adobe Presenter media to the Platform, you must rename the file from a .zip to a .adobepresenter file extension.

      Open File Explorer in Windows.

    1. Click on View. 
    2. Select the checkbox labeled File Name Extensions.
    3. Navigate to your published Adobe Presenter presentation.
    4. Right click on the file name. Choose Rename.
    5. Delete the .zip extension. Enter .adobepresenter in its place.

    Uploading an Adobe Presenter Presentation

    Adobe Presenter media, once saved as a .adobepresenter file, may be uploaded to Manage Media.

    1. Navigate to the Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Select Upload. Choose Document, then browse to the .adobepresenter file. Click Add Media. You may also simply drag-and-drop the file into your My Media folder.

    Previewing and Sharing Adobe Presenter Media

    Users may preview uploaded Adobe Presenter files in Manage Media and may access both Embed and Direct Links to content.

    1. Mouse over the file. Choose Preview. The file will appear in a popup window.
    2. Hover over the file and select More to access additional options. Choose Links to copy  and paste both Direct Links and Embed Links.

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