Uploading Media

Users can upload files to the Media Library using the Upload feature or a one-click drag-and-drop interface to upload a variety of different file types. Uploaded files may be auto-captioned and accessed in the same way as a file created using the YuJa Software Station or YuJa Hardware Hub.

Accessing Media Upload

  • Navigate to the Media Library from Upload & Manage. 

Uploading Media Files Using Drag-and-Drop

One-click drag-and-drop uploads enable quick access and uploading of a variety of types of media.

  • Drag-and-drop files onto the Media Library from your Desktop or file browser. The upload will begin automatically.

Uploading through the Upload Interface

The Upload interface provides a simple way to upload one or more media files, customizing captioning and publication options in one step.

  • Select the desired file type.
  • Browse to choose one or more files desired. All files must be under 5 GB in size.
  • Click Add Media when all uploads are complete. Longer files may require up to two hours processing time before they are available for use.
  • Make selections about Publishing, Captioning and Tags directly from the Add Media interface.

Formats Supported Include: wmv, .asf, .wma, .flv, .f4v, .f4a, .avi, .mp3, .mpg, .mpeg, .mps, .ps, .mp2, .m2v, .m2a,.ts, .tsv, .tsa, .mts, .m2ts, .mod, .tod, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v, .3gp, .mov, .mts (AVCHD), Flash video, .webm, .mxf, .dv