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  • Usage and Analytics Overview

    Usage and Analytics provide administrators with the ability to review a range of different information, including the Overview, Institution, Storage, Bandwidth, Users, Insights, Attendance, Content, Groups, and Reports. Instructors can see and review some information, including Storage, Bandwidth, Users, Insights, Attendance, Content, Groups and Reports. Instructors cannot see the Overview or Institution options.


    The Overview allows administrators to review Total Storage, Total Bandwidth, Most Active Classes, and Top Videos in a single page.


    The Institution page reviews information about unique and non-unique users in the institution and about registered devices.


    Storage tracks the use of storage in the YuJa Cloud. It provides both Storage Usage and the number of Stored Objects.


    Bandwidth tracks bandwidth usage, either overall or on a class-by-class basis.


    Users provides information on Active Students, Inactive Students, Popular Videos, and user-by-user activity.


    Insights provides information about the individual video, including basic statistics, number of views, and Hot spots.


    Attendance enables administrators and instructors to review attendance on a video-by-video basis.


    Content lets you look at a range of information on cumulative views of videos and unique cumulative views of videos. In addition, you can see videos ranked by popularity.


    Groups lets you look at group statistics, including both discussion group and poll statistics.


    Reports enables the download of Usage and Analytics information.

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