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  • Using Breakout Rooms

    This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to create Breakout Rooms and utilize other Video Conference collaboration tools within a Breakout Room session.

    Create a Breakout Room Session

    The first step will be creating a Breakout Room session. This action can only be done by the Owner of the current session.

    1. During the Video Conference, click Tools from the Navigation Menu and choose Breakout.
    2. On the Create Breakout Rooms menu, depending on the number of users, the session Owner can create a desired number of Breakout Rooms.
    3. Through the Assign Manually option, the Owner will be able to assign other users to any desired rooms.
    4. With the Assign Automatically option, all users will be randomly placed into Breakout Rooms. The session Owner, however, will have the ability to re-assign them right from the Setup Breakout Room menu.
    5. Click Start Breakout Rooms to transfer users into their assigned Breakout Rooms.


    Collaboration Tools within a Breakout Room

    In a Breakout Room, users will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other through various tools that the Video Conference offers.

    1. The session Owner will have the ability to freely join any other rooms or move users around right from the Ongoing Breakout Rooms menu.
    2. Users within a Breakout Room can use the Chat feature to communicate or exchange information with each other.
    3. Users can also upload a Document for review, or use the Whiteboard to express their ideas.
    4. In addition, Screenshare is also available for users within a Breakout Room to share their desktops.
    5. To leave a Breakout Room, users can click on Switch Room option to return to the Main Room.