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  • Using Bulk Media Management

    Media content can be managed one file at a time, or through bulk media management options.


    Using Bulk Media Management

    Bulk media management provides an effective way to manage content, including publishing, sharing, and tagging.

    • Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen. Choose My Media or select the desired Channel. If you’re working within a Channel, choose Edit Mode.
    • Select multiple video files by using shift-click, ctrl-click, or command-click. Choose ctrl-click to add media one selection at a time, or use shift-click to select an entire section of content. You may also navigate to More Actions and choose Select All to choose all content within the folder.
    • Click More Actions at the top of the screen.
    • Select the desired bulk option. Options include Bulk Delete, Bulk Move, Bulk Publish, Bulk Unpublish, Bulk Share, Bulk Owner and Bulk Tag.  Each option works in the same way as managing a single file; however, actions are applied to all selected files.

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