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  • Using Capture for Exam Proctoring

    Exam Proctoring ensures the security of student exams taken from remote locations. Exam Proctoring also allows the instructor to provide tools to record video. The Proctor Recorder also ensures that the recording is only securely allocated to a centralized instructor folder which will avoid distribution of the exam recording by the student.

    Uploading Terms and Conditions

    In order for users to accept the Proctoring terms, the zone administrator will need to include the organization’s standard Terms and Conditions at the Platform level.

    1. Log into the Platform and access the Branding tab from the Admin Panel.
    2. Click on Choose File to attach the PDF Terms and Conditions File.

    Enabling Proctoring in a Course Channel

    In order for the Proctor Recorder to appear, Group Owners (Instructors) need to enable the Proctor setting within their respective courses.

    1. Navigate to the Courses & Groups suite and select the Course to enable proctoring for, and click the Edit button within the course settings.
    2. Select Yes under the section to Enable Proctoring.
    3. Click Save.

    Getting Started

    Users can easily find and take their exam directly within their Platform account under the Create Recording button.

    1. Click on the Create Recording button and select the option for Start an exam proctoring session.
    2. Underneath the Exam Proctoring icon, select the applicable course.
    3. Click on Start Proctoring.
    4. Once the user initiates the session by clicking on Start Proctor, they will be prompted to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    5. Once the recorder is opened, the student is presented with a special confidence monitor where they will verify their identity in taking a picture of their ID. The preview window to take a photo will be “Read Only”.
      • Students cannot proceed without taking the photo of their ID.
      • Users cannot turn off any of their audio, video, and screen sources.
      • Students are unable to rename the Proctor Session.

    Accessing Proctored Exams

    Instructors may access Proctor Sessions from My Media.

    1. Navigate to the Instructor’s My Media collection.
    2. Choose Proctor Sessions.