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  • Using Image Tools in the Video Editor

    The Platform’s Video Editor offers two different image-specific editing options. Using these tools, you can insert a watermark into your media content or can blur portions of an image on your screen.

    Inserting a Watermark

    Inserting a watermark enables you to brand your content and may be a desirable option if you intend to share content publicly.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library by selecting Upload & Manage at the top of the screen.
    • Mouse over the media and choose Edit. 
    • Click the Image Tools button; it looks like a sketch of a landscape.
    • Choose Insert Watermark.
    • Click Select File and choose an image. Click on Open.
    • Select which Stream you wish the watermark to appear on, and enter a Duration for the watermark.
    • Move the image to the desired position on the screen.

    Blurring an Image

    The Insert Blur Region tool enables you to blur all or a portion of an image shown on your screen. This is an effective way to hide personal information or other unneeded content.

    • Select the Image Tools button from within the Video Editor.
    • Choose Insert Blur Region.
    • Select which Stream you would like to blur and enter a Duration.
    • Click and drag to move the gray square where you would like it.
    • Select the corner of the gray square and drag to cover the desired area.