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  • Using Image Tools in the Video Editor

    The Platform’s Video Editor offers two different image-specific editing options. Using these tools, you can insert a watermark into your media content or can blur portions of an image on your screen.

    Inserting a Watermark

    Inserting a watermark enables you to brand your content and may be a desirable option if you intend to share content publicly.

    1. Choose Manage Media at the top of the screen and navigate to the desired media in My Media
    2. Mouse over the media and choose Edit. 
    3. Click the Image Tools button; it looks like a sketch of a landscape.
    4. Choose Insert Watermark.
    5. Click Select File and choose an image. Click on Open.
    6. Select which Stream you wish the watermark to appear on, and enter a Duration for the watermark.
    7. Move the image to the desired position on the screen.

    Blurring an Image

    The Insert Blur Region tool enables you to blur all or a portion of an image shown on your screen. This is an effective way to hide personal information or other unneeded content.

    1. Select the Image Tools button that looks like a landscape from within the Video Editor.
    2. Choose Insert Blur Region.
    3. Select which Stream you would like to blur and enter a Duration.
    4. Click and drag to move the gray rectangle where you would like it.
    5. Select the corner of the gray rectangle and drag to cover the desired area. The gray rectangle will be replaced with a Blur Region in the media.

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