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  • Using Multi-channel Publishing

    In many use-cases, it may be helpful to publish media content to multiple Media Channels in a single operation. This can facilitate the efficient creation of multiple courses or targeted Channels.

    Using Multi-channel Publishing

    Multi-channel Publishing is quite similar to publishing to a single channel, making it a simple way to share media content with your intended audience.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of your screen.
    2. Select media content in the My Media. You may choose one or more captured or uploaded media entries from the Library.  Use Select All to choose all content from a single folder or shift-click to choose more than one media file.
    3. Mouse over the selected media and choose Publish.
    4. Search for desired Channels and click on the listed channel to add it to the list of Selected Channels. Repeat this process as needed.
    5. Click Select to complete the Publish operation. You may click Additional Options if desired to set Visible and Invisible Dates for the media content.

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