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  • Using Optical Character Recognition

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) takes a picture of text, whether it’s a scanned document or a PowerPoint slide, and converts the image of text into usable and searchable text. The OCR-ed text is shown within the Media Player’s Sidebar.

    For an effective OCR to take place, we recommend the slides be in full-screen presentation mode.

    Accessing OCR Technology in the Media Player

    OCR technology is an automated part of the video production process. When you complete a recording using the Hardware Appliance or Software Capture, the Optical Character Recognition process will begin. In about 20 minutes, the Slide Content will appear in the YuJa Media Player.

    1. Open the desired video from Manage Media in the  YuJa Media Player.
    2. Select Open Sidebar to see the Slide Contents in the HTML5 Media Player.