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  • Using RSS Feeds

    RSS feeds offer a practical way to syndicate and provide information directly to subscribed users. A feed reader enables users to easily follow and access information from a variety of sources, including the Platform.

    Enabling RSS Feeds

    Enabling RSS feeds is an easy process for an IT Manager. Only IT Managers can see and access RSS feed settings, and RSS feed URLs.

    • Access the RSS feed settings from Admin Panel’s Integrations tab.
    • Select Syndication-RSS Feeds from the dropdown box.
    • Click on the checkbox by the desired RSS feeds to enable the feed.
    • Select Save.

    Accessing the RSS Feed

    Individuals may subscribe to available RSS feeds using the RSS feed URL and their preferred feed reader software.

    • Open the desired RSS feed reader.
    • Add the RSS feed URL to the reader and follow prompts in the reader to subscribe to the feed.