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  • Using the Media Player

    The Platform’s Media Player includes a number of features to facilitate media engagement. These options are chosen by Administrators via the Admin Panel’s Branding tab.

    Using the Media Player

    The Media Player provides the ability to move forward and back in a video, as well as access a number of other options, including accessibility features and downloads. The options available depend upon the settings selected by your organization.

    1. Choose the desired media from Manage Media. Click on the Play arrow on the thumbnail to start from the beginning or resume viewing.
    2. Use the Play/Pause button to start and pause the media. Click the slider bar to move to any point in the media.
    3. Mouse over the Volume button to open up a slider control.
    4. Select the Sidebar button to toggle the Sidebar on and off. Click the Fullscreen icon to open the media in a new window.
    5. Control captions with the CC button.
    6. Choose the Settings wheel to access additional options.

    Customizing the Media Player

    Customizing the Media Player enables the user to make individualized selections about their viewing experience.  Individuals may make a number of selections to customize the media viewing experience.

    1. Access the Sidebar to navigate Notes, Captions, and the Index.
    2. Choose the Resize Windows option from the Settings wheel.
    3. Customize playback speed choosing faster or slower speeds.
    4. Download clips, sections or video or audio podcasts from the Settings menu.

    Increasing Accessibility with the Media Player

    The Platform’s Media Player incorporates both captioning and Audio Descriptions, and is compatible with screen reader technology. In addition, users may use keyboard shortcuts, available through the Sidebar, with the Media Player. Accessibility features meet viewer needs and legal regulations.

    1. Turn on closed captioning using the CC button.  Captioning languages and customization options may be selected from the Settings menu.
    2. Access Audio Descriptions from the Settings menu. The option is only available when an Audio Description is uploaded.
    3. Use the Keyboard Shortcuts, available through the Sidebar, or the Tab key to navigate the Media Player.

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