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  • Using the Media Chooser for Canvas

    Media uploaded or imported into the YuJa Cloud can be shared directly through Canvas. This makes it simple for instructors to add video content into multiple areas in Canvas.

    Accessing the YuJa Media Chooser

    • Choose the desired course by accessing the course menu in the Canvas dashboard. The YuJa Media Chooser is available in all WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” visual HTML editors available through Canvas, including Announcements, Discussions, and Assignments.
    • Select Announcements or Discussions and create a new post.
    • Click on the arrow next to Mashups on the WYSIWYG editor. Choose the YuJa Media Chooser. Note: If you have other 3rd party applications installed in Canvas, the YuJa Media Chooser will be available under the blue V (mashup) icon on the Canvas content editor.

    Using the YuJa Media Chooser

    The YuJa Media Chooser works the same way for other areas of Canvas as well such as Modules and Pages.

    • Select the desired WYSIWYG feature from within a Course on Canvas.
    • Click on the YuJa icon labeled Media Chooser to choose a published video from YuJa.
    • Click on the desired video from the YuJa Media Chooser Library. A Search option is available.
    • Complete the post as desired and post to Canvas.
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