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  • Using the Sidebar

    The Media Player Sidebar provides access to the Index, Slides, Captions, Notes, Comments, Resources, and the Search feature, as well as the ability to download both Notes.

    Using the Sidebar

    The Sidebar provides access to a range of useful features for viewers.

    1. Click the Sidebar button to open the Sidebar.  The Sidebar button looks like a divided rectangle, with one-third separated from the other portion.
    2. Search the elements available on the Sidebar using the Search box in the Sidebar.
    3. Review the Index, generated by the closed captioning, and the Slides, generated by OCR technology.
    4. Access all Captions by selecting Captions. You will see timestamps alongside each Caption.
    5. Add Notes using the Notes feature. These Notes are personal, and accessible only to the user.
    6. Review Comments added by other users by choosing Comments.
    7. Choose Resources to access any uploaded Resources provided by the Content Creator.
    8. Click Download Notes to download any added Notes.
    9. Choose View Shortcuts to review available keyboard shortcuts within the Media Player.

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