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  • Using the Whiteboard in Web Capture

    YuJa’s Whiteboard is accessible through YuJa Web Capture. The Whiteboard provides access to a wide range of tools that can be used independently or in conjunction with Document Sharing.

    Accessing the Whiteboard from Capture & Live Stream

    For a Web Capture, you can select the Whiteboard tool before you begin your Capture.

    • Go to Capture & Live Stream from the Main Menu.
    • Choose Start Web Capture.
    • Select Whiteboard.
    • Add a Title and Description for your Web Capture and choose Start.

    capture and live stream

    Using the Whiteboard

    There are two different ways to use the Whiteboard tools; they can be used independently, or may be accessed by uploading a file using the Document Sharing option, available from the left-side menu.

    • Choose blank paper, lined paper or a grid layout from the icons at the top of the Whiteboard.
    • Select the desired tool. You may do a variety of things with the Whiteboard tools, including draw with a pencil, add text, upload images or files, or insert tables into the Whiteboard.
    • Continue working with the Whiteboard as desired. You may undo and redo using the buttons at the top of the Whiteboard.
    • Navigate from page to page by pressing the left and right arrows on the Whiteboard.
    • Save your Whiteboard by pressing the Save icon, represented by a disk, at the bottom right of the Whiteboard. Choose whether to save just one page or all Whiteboard pages. You may save one or multiple pages. Your Whiteboard will save as a PDF file.