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  • Using Video Editor Hot Keys

    TheVideo Editor supports the use of a number of Hot Keys for convenient and accessible keyboard control. Many of these may be familiar to you from other software programs. Hot Keys may be used in place of mouse-control of buttons in the Video Editor.

    Using Hot Keys

    To use any of the Video Editor Hot Keys, simply press the key or keys on your keyboard at the same time. The + sign shown in the examples below is not to be pressed unless marked with single quote marks.

    • Press Ctrl + Z to undo one or multiple edits.
    • Use Ctrl + S to save your file. The Platform’s Video Editor is non-destructive and media will be saved with a new filename.
    • Press Ctrl + Space to play/pause the media during editing.
    • Use Ctrl + X to cut content from within the media.
    • Press Ctrl + > to Trim Start.
    • Choose Ctrl + < to Trim End
    • Use Ctrl + ‘+’  to zoom in on your screen.
    • Press Ctrl + ‘-‘ to zoom out on your screen.

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