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  • Using Video Quizzes

    Video Quizzes allow you to select media from Manage Media and integrate questions directly into the video. When you opt for a Video Quiz, you can easily confirm both user participation and understanding.

    Choosing a Video

    Use Quizzes to track user comprehension and participation.

    1. Select the desired video in Manage Media. Mouse over the thumbnail and choose More…
    2. Click on Quizzes from the Media Details popup screen. Choose Create Quiz. The Video Quiz interface will open for the video you have chosen.

    Creating Your Video Quiz

    You can create a Video Quiz quickly and easily with the Platform.

    1. Add a Title to your Video Quiz.
    2. Press Play to begin watching the video.Click Add Question when you’re ready to add a question. The video will pause automatically while you create your question.
    3. Choose the desired question type. You can choose Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Short Answer, or True or False.
    4. Fill out the Question using varied formatting and any desired answer Options. You need at least two answer Options, but can Add Option for more Options if desired. Mark answers correct by clicking the checkbox. Click Save when you have completed your Question. Add a Hint if desired. Continue with this process for all additional questions.
    5. Select Preview to review the quiz. Choose Save to post your quiz at a later date, or Post to schedule your Quiz to post now or later. You can also choose to delete.

    Previewing your Video Quiz

    Previewing your Video Quiz allows you to double check the accuracy of the quiz, and make certain you are happy with it before sharing with users or saving for future use.

    1. Add all desired questions to your Video Quiz.
    2. Click Preview. Select Play, and watch the video. You will see the video pause, and questions appear. Questions are also marked on the timeline below the video.When you’re happy with it, choose to Save or Post to your Group.