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  • Using Video Security

    Video Security can be set for individual videos or for folders containing multiple videos. Options include IP/Geo Restriction and Password Restrictions. In addition, public access to the video can be disabled to increase privacy.

    Accessing Security Settings

    All Video Security settings are accessed from a single interface for each video or folder.

    • Navigate to the desired video or folder in the Media Library.
    • Mouse over the thumbnail. Choose More… from the menu in the upper right corner.
    • Click on Security in the Media Details pane.

    Choosing Private or Public Access

    The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables content owners to select public or private viewing options.

    • Choose Private to prevent users from viewing the video without logging into YuJa, even if they have a Direct or Embed Link.
    • Select Public to allow users to access video content with a Direct or Embed Link.
    • Click Save.

    Using Network Restriction

    Network Restrictions enable you to limit the access of video content to users with a set IP address, or set geographical area.

    • Check the Network box. 
    • Click the circle next to IP Address or Range Restriction.
    • Enter individual IP addresses into the box. To enter a range of IP addresses, simply enter the beginning and end of the range, connected by a hyphen, like This allows all IP addresses within the range to access the content.
    • Click the Right Arrow to permit an IP address. Use the Left Arrow to remove permission from an IP address.
    • Click the circle next to Geographic Restriction.
    • Choose the Country from the dropdown box. Select the State or Province from the second dropdown box.
    • Click Save.

    Selecting Password Settings

    Password Restrictions allow you to set a password for video access or require an additional portal login. Additional restrictions are not available or needed for video content set to Private.

    • Choose Single Password or Portal Authentication. 
    • Enter a Password for Single Password.