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  • Using Video Sharing in YuJa Web Capture

    YuJa’s Video Sharing is accessible through YuJa Web Capture.  Video Sharing provides the ability to link a video and share the video in the YuJa Web Capture.

    Navigating to Web Capture

    Web Capture offers a browser-based capture tool, complete with access to Video Sharing.

    • Click on Capture & Live Stream on the Main Menu.
    • Select Web Capture from the dropdown box.
    • Choose the Whiteboard option; Video Sharing will be available from the left-side menu.

    capture and live stream

    Accessing Video Sharing during your Recording

    You can easily access Video Sharing from the YuJa Web Capture.

    • Mouse over the left-side menu.
    • Select Video Share.


    Using Video Sharing

    Video sharing is quite simple to use–you’ll just need the desired YouTube URL.

    • Click on Video Share.
    • Copy and paste the desired YouTube link into the space labeled Paste YouTube Link Here.
    • Select the large Play button.