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  • Using Watch Point in the Software Station for PC

    Watch Point is a feature of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Software Station for PC enabling bulk uploads of video content to the Platform. You may upload a variety of different file types, and can use Watch Point to upload a single stream video, or a video that includes multiple video content streams, called Multi Stream. Watch Point is not available on the Platform’s Software Station for Apple.

    Accessing Watch Point

    Watch Point is available through Station Settings on the Software Station. Station Settings are accessible through the System Tray. 

    • Right click on the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform icon in the System Tray.
    • Choose Settings.
    • Select Watch Point.

    Using Watch Point

    Watch Point enables you to select sources, extensions and streams to automate the file ingestion process. You may Add, Delete, or Edit your Watch Point selections.

    • Click the Add button in the Watch Point window.
    • Browse to select the desired Source for content. This is where the content is coming from on your computer.
    • Browse to choose the Destination for content. This is where the content is being uploaded within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.
    • Use the arrows to select Extensions for your content ingestion.
    • Choose desired Suffixes for file ingestion.  Adding a Suffix is only necessary for multi-stream content; type in the necessary Suffix.
    • Click Add to save your settings.
    • Select the desired Source and click Delete or Edit if needed to remove or modify a saved Source.

    Adding Source Folder Permissions

    In order for content owners to add content to a designated Source folder, the Watch Point administrator needs to setup Full Control permission to the Source folder for Everyone who has access to the PC.

    • Right click on the desktop and choose New Folder.
    • Right click on the newly created folder and select Properties.
    • From the Properties menu, select the Security menu.
    • In the Security menu, select Edit under the list of permitted members.
    • In the popup window, click Add.
    • Under Enter the object names to select, type in: Everyone.
    • Once Everyone is added, check the Full Control box under Permissions for Everyone.
    • Click Apply.