Video Editing Overview

YuJa offers fully integrated video editing, accessible from the Media Library. Video editing allows Content Owners to create professional and polished media content, free from extraneous material. The Video Editor is non-destructive, and your edited video is saved as a new file, without damage to the original capture recording.

Accessing Video Editing

Video editing tools are accessible for lecture captures recorded with the YuJa Software Station or YuJa Hardware Hub.

  • Go to your Media Library.
  • Navigate to your User Collection, and select the desired video.
  • Mouse over the desired video and click on Edit in the upper right.

Understanding Edit Options

Three different Edit tools are available to users through the Media Library.

  • Click on Video Editor for an Adobe Flash-based editing tool.
  • Choose the HTML5 Video Editor to access the latest in editing options.
  • Select Index Editor to edit the Table of Contents or Index associated with the media.

Using the Flash Video Editor

The Video Editor provides several panes of information, in a format similar to the YuJa Media Viewer. The large pane shows the video content, with a control bar below consisting of a play button, a volume control and a slider, enabling the editor to move forward and back in the video.

  • Use Cut to trim unwanted content from the video.
  • Click Trim Start  to remove unwanted content from the beginning of the video. Use Trim End to remove unwanted content from the end of the video.
  • Select Text Overlay to add an overlay of text notes directly to the video.
  • Insert video content by clicking the Video button in the editor. This can be added at the beginning or end, or can overwrite one of the video streams.
  • Add a Watermark by uploading a logo or image to your video to brand it with the institution’s name or logo.
  • Use Insert Slide to add a single PowerPoint slide.
  • Undo allows you to undo the move recent edit.
  • Use thumbnail navigation to review your video pane-by-pane; different video streams are available in the thumbnails.

Using the HTML5 Video Editor

The HTML5 Video Editor provides the latest tools in in-browser editing for content recorded with the Software Station or Hardware Hub, as well as uploaded content.

  • Use Trim Start and Trim End to remove unwanted content at the beginning or end of your video.
  • Select the Cut tool to remove unwanted content from within your video.
  • Choose Save to save your video under a new name; the Video Editor is non-destructive and your original video remains fully intact.

Using the Index Editor

The Index Editor enables editing of the Table of Contents associated with the media content.

  • Edit entries in the Index Editor as needed. Entries are marked with a timestamp and are auto-filled using auto-captioning technology.
  • Format entries by checking the Bold checkbox or choosing Indent options.