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  • Getting Started with Viewer Sharing and Publishing

    Viewers have the ability to use the Platform’s tools to share and publish video in several different ways; some of these abilities are determined by the owner of the class or group.  Capture tools, including Software and Browser Capture, are available to Viewers to record media, or media can be uploaded to Manage Media.

    Accessing or Uploading an Assignment

    The first step in sharing or publishing an assignment is to locate or upload the video in Manage Media.

    1. Navigate to the Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Locate the desired video in My Media, for videos recorded using the Platform’s tools.
    3. Upload external video content by clicking Upload and selecting the desired file.  You may also simply drag-and-drop files into My Media. Click Add Media to complete the upload.


    Sharing a Video

    To allow an individual or small group of selected individuals access to media, you’ll use the Share feature. This can be used to turn in an assignment, or to share it with a colleague or classmate.

    1. Navigate to the desired video in My Media.
    2. Mouse over the thumbnail. Choose Share.
    3. Enter the desired username and choose the file permissions from the dropdown menu.

    Read Only: The media may be viewed, but not changed.
    Edit Access: The media may be viewed or edited, but not deleted.
    Full Access: The user has all rights, including the ability to delete the media.

    When you’ve completed your selections, choose Share. Click Save to complete the process.


    Publishing a Video

    If the group or course owner has asked media to be published to a Channel, Viewers can easily turn in work using the Publish feature. Permission to publish is up to the group owner.

    1. Navigate to the desired video in My Media.
    2. Mouse over the video thumbnail and choose Publish. 
    3. Navigate to the desired course and click Select.