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  • Visibility Settings for Published Content

    Instructors and administrators have the ability to set visibility dates for content published to Course Channels.

    Publishing the Video with Visibility Dates

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library.
    • Mouse over the Settings wheel in the upper right of the thumbnail and choose Publish.
    • Choose the desired Course Channel.
    • Select Additional Options from the bottom of the Publish window.
    • Click Select.

    Reviewing Video Visibility

    Videos that are not yet Visible, or which are now Invisible are clearly marked in the Course Channel.

    • Navigate to the Course Channel from the Media Library.
    • Videos with Visibility are color-coded. Videos that are not yet visible in the Course Channel are yellow; videos currently visible are turquoise, and those that have been visible, but are no longer are red. Videos without Visibility dates are not color-coded.


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