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  • Watching Captures and Media

    Platform users may watch captured or uploaded media in any browser or on any mobile device.

    Viewing Media within the Media Channels

    Many users will use the Media Channels as their primary means of viewing captures; however, they’re also used by Content Creators and Administrators. The Media Channels are fully integrated into the Manage Media suite within the Platform. For most users, this will be the default view when logging into the Platform.

    1. Choose Manage Media from the top of the screen.
    2. Click on the desired Channel. These are accessible from the fully customizable horizontal selections in the middle of the screen.
    3. Select the video you want to watch. The video page will open, showing a preview of the video, tags, and In this Capture information.
    4. Press the Play button to open the HTML5 Media Player and watch the video.

    Viewing Video Content through Manage Media

    Captures and other media content can also be accessed directly through Manage Media.

    1. Choose Manage Media from the top of the screen.
    2. Navigate to the desired Channel or My Media.
    3. Choose the capture you want to watch.
    4. Click on the Play button to open the Media Player and watch the capture.

    Using the Media Player

    The HTML5 Media Player provides a full-featured viewing experience for captured or uploaded media. The Media Player offers the ability to watch videos, move forward and back in the video, turn on and off closed captioning, make comments, and take private notes.

    1. Open the desired media and click Play to watch the video. Use the Slider Bar to move forward and back in the video.
    2. Turn closed captioning on and off with the CC button, and adjust various Settings if desired.
    3. Open the Sidebar to Search, review the Index, and access a number of other features.

    Watching Content on the Mobile App

    The YuJa Mobile App enables users to watch captures and other media from a smartphone or tablet. The YuJa Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS.

    1. Open the YuJa Mobile App on your mobile device.
    2. Choose Media Channels.
    3. Select the desired video from the Mobile App and click Play.

    Watching Media from the Real-time Class Feed

    Captures and linked or uploaded media content posted to the Real-time Feed can be watched directly from the post.

    1. Choose Discussion Feed from the Main Menu.
    2. Select the desired group or scroll to the posted capture.
    3. Click on the capture to open the Media Player.