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  • Webcam and Screen Capture for the Software Capture Application for PC

    Webcam and Screen Capture settings enable you to make specific choices to customize Webcam and Screen Capture recording through Settings.

    Accessing Settings 

    Settings are accessible through the System Tray  or the Settings option at the upper right of the Sfotware Capture application.

    1. Right click on the Software Capture for PC application icon in the System Tray and choose Settings or select Settings in the Software Capture application.

    Webcam Settings

    Webcam settings are accessible through the Webcam tab on the Settings page. You can select the video compression quality and the local streaming format. Many users will not change these settings.

    1. Choose the desired video quality; the default is Medium.

    Screen Capture Settings

    Screen Capture settings control specifics about screen capture. These are set to a high-quality and effective option for your computer and resolution, but can be adjusted.

    1. Use the slider to change the Frame Rate.
    2. Select the Video Quality.
    3. Choose the Output Video File Size.
    4. Select the Screen Output Resolution; this will depend upon your screen resolution. For a dual screen configuration, you’ll select resolutions for each.
    5. Use the slider to select the Maximum Bitrate

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